Project Zaishu Amsterdam, 2009
Location  Gallery Wilhemina Winkel and Art Lab, Amsterdam
Creative director / producer Jennete Snape from Dolly Rogers

Similar to Stockholm the creative community of Amsterdam has embraced the ethos of our social art project and have made their own blog for their Zaishu projects and exhibitions. Painting, collage, stencils, tattoo designs, burning, silkscreen and car tire prints are a few of the techniques used. Hosted in a raw industrial warehouse, Art Director Jennette Snape brought together a crew of Amsterdam’s best designers and artists to produce a limited edition of 20 Zaishus slot seat / tables.

Artists: Dolly Rogers, Christopher Costuna & Jennette Snape, Esther Mosselman, Hollywood Mark, Jaap Simonis, Jacob Plooij & Geert Van Kerckhove, Laser 3.14, Naad, Puik Werk, Thomas Reineke, Weasel, Wobbe van der Meulen. Photography by Morten.



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