Mother’s Day


Order before 5/5/14 for delivery before Mother’s Day in Australia on 11/5/14.

Here is our latest range of Zaishu Art Seats.

Please telephone or email us with your name, address, phone number and order details.

Price is AUD$395 including free delivery worldwide.

Delivery time: Australia 2-3 days, International 7-10 days.

Australia    +61 (0) 417 151 011

E-mail Zaishu

matt (at)


Tin and Ed (both sides)  In Stock.


Ash Keating. In stock.


‘Banksia’ by Nicola Cerini. SOLD OUT.

‘Neighbors Garden’ by Nicola Cerini. In stock.


‘Magnolia’ by Karyn Vanderbom.  In stock.


 ‘Wool Knit’ by Kirsten Johnstone. In stock.


‘Birds’ by Annie Dixon. Owlet Nightjar water colour, Emu feathers and native birds eggs.

In stock.


 ‘Dots’ series by Matthew Butler.

Zaishus are made from sustainable birch ply with 2 coats of durable, easy to clean varnish.


‘Blue Dots’ by Matthew Butler.  In stock.


‘Grey Dots’ by Matthew Butler.  In stock.


‘Horses’ by Matthew Butler. SOLD OUT.

‘Taj Mahal’ by Matthew Butler. In stock.

‘Antique Kimono’ 16th century Japanese design. 1 left.

‘Hot Pies’ by Matthew Butler. In stock.


Cafe Stool’ by Zaishu. 45cm high. Yellow, blue, pink, grey, green. Mix the colours or have a single colour. $275 each.






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