How We Started

Zaishu started life as an art installation at ACCA (The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art) in 2004.  Designer Matthew Butler invited Andy Mac from Citylights collective to curate and art direct a group of Melbourne stencil artists to paint on plywood that we lined down a city lane way. The art was then laser cut into pieces that slot together to make a small and robust seat / table called a Zaishu. The name Zaishu comes from the Japanese word for a small seat ‘Zaisu’.

Exhibition Manifest. 2004.
Location ACCA. Australian Centre for Contmporary Art, Melbourne.
Christopher Kaltenbach (ACCA), Andy Mac (artists).

Many thanks to the artists involved: Amac, Blead, David Campbell, Dens, Dlux, E3, Micheal Fikaris, Tom Gerrard, Ha Ha, Ash Keating, LTMP, Kieran Mangan, Monkey, Aaron O’Donnell, Pandarosa, Phibs, Prism, Reach, Reks, Rone, SRX and Vexta. ACCA curator: Christopher Kaltenbach. Interns: Jenny Ford and Kate Jackson. Music: Goldfinger. Food: George Calombaris

From the success of this installation we did a follow up event painted by disadvantaged youth from St Vincent de Paul youth center and exhibited at Space furniture. Special thanks to Adam Dunn, David Griffin, Emma Luke, John Parker and the artists.

Here is an interview in Gestalt Journal that explains more about how we started.





St Vincent De Paul painting workshop: Exhibition Space Furniture Melbourne 2005

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